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Welcome to the Tele Group: You Are Not Alone. This is a process and support group for girls between the ages of 12-14 who have experienced sexual abuse and/or sexual assault who need a safe space to share their experiences.

The goals for the group are:

1.  To help your daughter find her value and improve self esteem. This includes: discovering and embracing talents, owning her good qualities and accepting the bad, and learning to find her identity

2. To help your daughter learn to trust her gut and say no in her relationships with friends and also romantic partner.

3. To help your teen learn how about boundaries-establishing them, learning why they are important, and practice enforcing them. Talking about feelings as we practice them 


The Schedule:

  • Group will be 8 weeks long
  • Time: noon-1:30pm, every Wednesday
  • Dates: Every Wednesday starting June 20 and ending August 15 (no group July 4th)


Group will be held to only 8 participants

Price=$45/session or $300 paid up front


  1. The girls will show up on time and participate to the best of their availability
  2. I require all the emails for the girls to summarize the groups information and for girls to have access to me in case something come up or they need to cancel
  3. Please provide at least 24 hours notice if your going to cancel to avoid being charged for the session
  4. In order to reserve your spot a credit card will be placed on file and you will be charged the day of group
  5. Please provide a safe and confidential space for your tween to meet. Whether thats their bedroom or the living room, it will be important for your daughter to have the space she needs to open up
  6. Please make sure your daughter has headphones or earbuds 
  7. Must be a resident of California


Overview of each week's theme:

Week 1: intro and getting to know you. Coming up with group expectations that help everyone feel safe. Talk about my expectations for the girls and how I plan to support them. 

Week 2: Self-esteem-I don’t think I’m amazing. The focus here is on how each girl feels about herself. I will provide them with psychoeducation regarding how traumatic experiences, especially around sexual abuse, makes survivors feel shame and guilt as if it was their fault and they deserved it.

Week 3: Emotional Regulation-why do I always feel_____? We will be journaling and discussing different feelings and emotions we all have.

Week 4: Trust Your gut-should I or shouldn’t I? One of the effects of trauma is that you become disconnected from your body. Because different sensations in your body may remind you of your trauma (trigger) and you want to avoid these painful memories at all cost your brain uses this avoidance tactic to help you disconnect so you can just get through the day. This week we will discuss how to slowly and steadily become more aware of your body and it’s different sensations so you can make more informed choices about what you want and don’t want to do.

Week 5: Boundaries-saying “no” and saying “yes”!  Following last weeks sensation we will continue learning how to say “no” and say “yes”. Boundaries, which are indivual and unique to the person, represent how you want people to treat you. What you will and will not allow. What you want and need matters. You have the power to say use your words and to have them be respected.

Week 6: Relationships-I want to feel love. Fears around feeling worthiness and what happens if you say “no”. Not wanting to be an outsider or different. 

Week 7: Self-esteem part 2-What are my gifts? Let’s revisit what we discussed the first week and see if anything has changed

Week 8: Final group/saying goodbye. Talk about all they’ve gotten from the group and encourage expression of feelings.


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