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Have you noticed that your self-esteem and confidence have taken a nose dive since you've made aliyah?

I will you feel good again!


So you have taken the brave step of making aliyah, alone.  Even if you have some family or a partner here in Israel, you are leaving your friends and your old lifestyle back home. You’ve felt called and connected to Israel, so you know the choice was right for you, and yet you’re finding yourself struggling. Whether you’ve been here for 1 month, 5 years,  or longer, you’re finding that you’re feeling conflicted and overwhelmed. You are committed to making your life in Israel work, but its tough and you want to go back to your old country (sometimes). Hebrew is sparse! Your job is unfulfilling! Relationships feel superficial! You’re finding your old attachment and trauma wounds are being triggered daily. You are craving and desiring more for yourself, wanting to find happiness and fulfillment.

Maybe your noticing your child is having a hard time. Whether it's the language, making friends or experiencing bullying (which may feel traumatic) you want your child to be happy and your not sure what to do. You've noticed that they are more isolated and withdrawn, not their normal self. (Read more here about my work with children and tweens)

As your therapist, who also made aliyah from the states, I understand the up and down challenges that a new life in Israel creates. As you have made changes in the past, you know you can do it but maybe you need a little extra support in flushing it all out. As we work together I focus on your individual story and goals. Therapy will highlight your areas of strength and teach you new strategies of coping so you can achieve the goals that you set forth. We will target those areas in your life that are causing the most distress and resolve conflicts that are keeping you stuck. Act now and contact me to schedule your intake session to get started feeling better.


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