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Services Offered:

  • In my office
  • In your home
  • At your child/teen's school
  • Online



Have you noticed that your self-esteem and confidence have taken a nose dive since you've made aliyah?

I will help you feel good again!


So you have taken the brave step of making aliyah, alone.  Even if you have some family or a partner here in Israel, you are leaving your friends and your old lifestyle back home. You’ve felt called and connected to Israel, so you know the choice was right for you, and yet you’re finding yourself struggling. Whether you’ve been here for 1 month, 5 years,  or longer, you’re finding that you’re feeling conflicted and overwhelmed. You are committed to making your life in Israel work, but its tough and you want to go back to your old country (sometimes). Hebrew is sparse! Your job is unfulfilling! Relationships feel superficial! You’re finding your old attachment and trauma wounds are being triggered daily. You are craving and desiring more for yourself, wanting to find happiness and fulfillment.

Maybe your noticing your child is having a hard time. Whether it's the language, making friends or experiencing bullying (which may feel traumatic) you want your child to be happy and your not sure what to do. You've noticed that they are more isolated and withdrawn, not their normal self. (Read more here about my work with children and tweens)

As your therapist, who also made aliyah from the states, I understand the up and down challenges that a new life in Israel creates. As you have made changes in the past, you know you can do it but maybe you need a little extra support in flushing it all out. As we work together I focus on your individual story and goals. Therapy will highlight your areas of strength and teach you new strategies of coping so you can achieve the goals that you set forth. We will target those areas in your life that are causing the most distress and resolve conflicts that are keeping you stuck. Act now and contact me to schedule your intake session to get started feeling better.


Rates for Olim

There are two parts to getting started with me.

#1 Schedule the 90 minute intake session, which can be done here.

#2 The intake session does not constitute a contract for ongoing therapy it merely determines what your needs are and if we would be a good fit together. During this 90 minutes I will take your history, you will tell me what you want and what your goals for therapy are, and create a way to measure success on these goals. This will also be your chance to ask me questions and get to know more about me and my practice. By the end of the 90 minutes we will determine if we will continue to work together.

Continuation of Services

After our 90 minute intake, which is done online, we will schedule a session the following week. I will email you the opening paperwork which you must sign and complete prior to our first session.

Sessions are conducted weekly in the beginning and after time, as we move closer to termination due to your progress, we begin to decrease sessions from once a week to twice a month then once a month for maintenance. How long these steps last is based on the individual but therapy typically lasts a minimum of 1 year.

The standard fee per session is 400 shekels, and is paid at the time services are rendered. There are many options you can use to pay for each session. These include paying directly using a debit/credit card, check, or cash.

You Can also Buy Package Sessions:

Package 1: 5 sessions at 1,600 NIS (1 session you get free)

Package 2: 10 sessions at 3,500 NIS (a savings of 500 shekels, the cost of one session plus a little more)

These packages can be used any time within a 8 month period after the time of purchase. They are perfect for people with busy schedules or for people who don’t struggle day to day but maybe need support here or there when things flare up.

Reduced Fee Sessions:

There are a limited number of sliding scale spots available and come at a first come first serve basis. Sliding scale range is 250-400. Please contact me by email or phone-058-496-6792 if your interested.

Healing is a process not a cure. It’s not like taking a pill and now your all better never to return. Healing is more complex and sophisticated. It’s the changing of your baseline of one filled with intense negative feelings and tightness in the body to being more open and positive about life’s experiences. When your active in the healing process your perspective on life changes. You no longer believe that bad things are always happening to you or that you are unworthy of nothing good, but rather you can separate yourself from the event and find ways to overcome your challenges/stresses with optimism. Healing creates a completely different experience and feeling about yourself, others, and the world.

Expert tips from trauma therapist that will help a sexual abuse survivor live a better and happier life