Online Therapy For Olim and American Expats Living Abroad Who Are Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and Other Complex Traumas

Living in a different country can be such an exciting experience but it is also fraught with a lot of stress. This stress can be so overwhelming at times that you find yourself in survivor mode which may be activating old wounds from your childhood traumatic experiences.

These wounds often show up in your relationships with other people. When dating you find yourself fighting frequently with your partner (or previous partner). These fights often stem around your fear of being left (or abandonment).

As an American living in a different country it can be hard to find an English speaking therapist who has experience with childhood sexual abuse or other complex traumas. When working with me, I use a combination of neuroscience (the brain and the stress response system) and somatic experiencing techniques (working with body sensations).

These techniques will help you understand how your individual past experiences have impacted your stress response system. We will then use this information to help you discover your own unique gifts that will aid you in the healing process. The healing process includes processing your past experiences, giving you the tools to help you feel good about yourself, identify and set clear boundaries so that you can have more pleasurable relationships with others, and generally have a sense of peace in your life.