Online Therapy For Olim and For Those Living in Israel

Living in Israel is a new and often completely different experience than living in your home country, especially if you come from the USA. Even for the most prepared, life can throw curve balls, which may knock us off balance. It's not fun being knocked off balance and you might feel like you are constantly living in survivor mode, where you are filled with dread, fear, and anxiety which leaves you stuck.

This feeling of being stuck or frozen is often our Stress Response Systems being activated in the face of overwhelming fear or threat to our safety/survival. These feelings may be more easily triggered due to past trauma such as childhood abuse, neglect, or sexual assault or from a history of not having our needs met in a way that we needed, while for others living in a foreign country and not knowing how things work is what sets off our Stress Response Systems. No matter what the reason feeling stuck or frozen does not feel good and in fact can make us feel incredibly helpless/powerless.

Living in a new country has many joys but also so many fears. You might have landed in Israel feeling confident, self assured, and strong but after a few months or even years you might feel unsure, anxious and even like a failure. This can take a huge tool on your mental health as you feel overwhelmed, confused, and lonely. Even if you have friends, a partner, or family being an Olim can be a lonely journey. For many of us being an olim comes with sacrifices.

Sacrifices such as loss of career, lower pay, working longer hours, loss of comfort foods, clothes, and other items and more. If you try to talk about these sacrifices with your loved ones they think you are whining or complaining and don't want to hear about it. This can  compound your feelings of loneliness. I also want to add it's normal to miss these comforts. These comforts often bring us a sense of familiarity which can translate to safety in our brains and bodies.

Although you love living in Israel and you want to make it work, frequently you think about moving back to your country of your birth. There is a part of you that knows this will be easier but it also can make you feel like a failure.

I know this feeling all too well as an Olim who felt very prepared to live in Israel but once there I felt completely unprepared. I had ups and downs while living in Israel which made me feel like a failure. I struggled with whether to stay or go. I love Israel and wanted to make it work. Ultimately for me I decided to return to the US, regroup, and return later. I struggled with the shame and embarrassment of that choice but I've worked through it and feel called to help fellow Olim no matter where they are in their journey.

No matter where you are I want you to know that there is no right or wrong, just what is right or wrong for you. I want to help you feel more comfortable and confident about your life in Israel. I can help you feel more secure in meeting your personal and professional goals as an olim.




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Session fees are 350nis/50 minutes