Rates for Therapy

The standard fee per session is $175, and is paid at the time services are rendered. There are many options you can use to pay for each session. These include paying directly using a debit/credit card, cash, or using your health savings plan if you have it. There’s also a chance that you can use your insurance to pay for therapy. This is done by seeking reimbursement directly from your insurance company after submitting the superbill I will provide also know as Out of Network benefits (OON) but you must remain in contact with your insurance company to verify if you have this type of coverage. *Please note that with this option you pay the full fee for the session and ask your insurance to reimburse you, I do NOT directly contract with insurance companies.

I work with survivors of sexual trauma using Victim's of Crime CompensationIf you have Victim's of Crime, it is your responsibility to verify how many sessions are covered and what type are covered.

Finally, I am paneled with Optum Insurance. Please be in contact regarding your benefits which include any copays that you need to pay.