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Reclaim Your Power Guidebook for Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

This guidebook is designed to help trauma survivors heal by teaching them to get reconnected to their bodies in order to manage trauma reactions, learn how to use coping skills to manage intense overwhelming feelings, and learn how to love and accept themselves so they can have better, happier, and healthier relationships with themselves and others.

Although this guidebook was created with child sexual abuse survivor's in mind, the tools provided are great for anyone who has experienced multiple traumas in their lives, which live them feeling out of control due to their trauma reactions.

The tools in this guidebook are skills I teach my clients in therapy and have seen profound results in reducing their trauma symptoms and improving self-esteem. These tools can help you as well. So purchase it and download today to get started.

Price: $30.00

My Trigger Journal: This journal is best used with the above guidebook but it also can be used as a stand alone. This journal helps you to identify your triggers and given you the tools to cope with the subsequent trauma reactions. In this journal you will create coping strategies that work for you and track your progress using them to better cope with life stressors. Finally, this journal helps you focus on your strengths and not just your weaknesses (addressing your all or nothing thinking), helps you create a positive affirmation to say daily and track how this helps to improve your self-esteem.

Price $20.00

Reclaim Your Power Guidebook & My Trigger Journal

Price $45.00