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Online Therapy

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Telemental health, Skype therapy, virtual therapy, video conferencing, online therapy, etc are all names that you've heard to talk about meeting with your therapist over the internet, using visual and audio.

Online therapy with me can be conducted with youth (ages 12 and up) and adults. At this time I do not work with children online who are under 12 years of age, but I do offer parenting support.

What are the benefits of Online Counseling?

  • Not having to travel to an office-You can meet me within your home, at your office, or any other place that is private and confidential.
  • Flexibility and ease in scheduling-because you don't have to factor in drive or transportation time its easier to get started and not have to switch your schedule around.
  • You are choosing the safe and private space for us to hold sessions which allows for greater control and more comfort.
  • Whatever safe space you choose will feel more safe as you learn to integrate the splintered parts of yourself, create life story with a beginning, middle, and end, and finally you will feel better control over your emotions.
  • As an expat coming to terms with your transition and culture shock, which may include racism, sexism, ageism, transphobia, etc, having a therapist in your home country can help you feel more connected and grounded and give you the tools to adjust better in your new environment.
  • Eliminating the stigma of mental health treatment-because your logging on remotely you are not being seen going into a therapy office which can make you feel safer and more secure opening.
  • Wider choice of therapists, not limited to your immediate geographic area
  • It's private, confidential and HIPPA compliant-which is why I use (listed to the left you can log in directly from there) as opposed to platforms like Skype and FaceTime.

Some Cons & Things to be Aware of include:

  • It may not feel the same-being in the same physical space with someone else gives you a different feeling. Not necessarily good or bad but different.
  • You may feel like the internet creates a distance between us, which keeps you in your comfort zone (with guard up for protection), but with this in mind we will be able to slow and at your pace let your guard down in order to use the therapeutic relationship to heal.
  • Interruptions with internet connections-if the internet crashes then I will call you on your telephone and we will finish our session via phone.

I work with...

  •  Children as young as 8 and up and adults
  • Expats all over the world
  • Residents of California & Israel
  • I do not work online with...

    • Chronic and severe debilitating depression
    • Chronic and severe psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, Psychosis, etc
    • Actively Suicidal (both ideation and attempts within the past 6 months) and/or individuals with homocidal ideation.

How does it Work?

Just like meeting face to face in an office you will sign an Informed consent. Part of the informed consent will require you to list one emergency contact and emergency personal (equivalent to the US 911) as sources of support for you in case of emergency.

Online counseling requires a good internet connection. You will join me on which is a hipaa compliant server. Click the link below to watch the video on how to connect online.

Online Therapy How To

When using the online counseling services, I require a credit card be saved on file.