Call or email to schedule an intake session+1 415-496-6792

Sessions are 50 minutes and are conducted just like the would be in my office or online. In order for sessions to be conducted in your home you must have a private and safe area to ensure that we can meet distraction free to maximize benefits of therapy.

Services can also be conducted at your child or your teen's school. We will work together with the school to make sure this is possible and also ensuring that there is a space we can use that is safe, private and distraction free.

The rate for sessions are $150 plus mileage ($0.58/a mile).

The radius for in home services are as far north as Richmond, as far south as Hayward, and as far east as Walnut Creek. If your outside this radius, contact me to discuss the price for this.

*If you want to use insurance please check your Out of Network (OON) Benefits to learn if in home/in school therapy is covered.

**For those wishing to use their Victim's of Crime Compensation, please contact the board to find out how many sessions you have. 1-800-777-9229

in home or in school therapy california