trauma resourcesSelf Help Tools and Resources to Help You on Your Path to Healing and Improving Your Life

The resources and tools on this page are designed to help you take action in a positive way. They are not a substitute of therapy with a licensed mental health professional but are here to help guide you.

Each column below is divided up into categories and has resources specific to that category to help you. Each category has information about trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, parenting, and more. Enjoy!

Education: All About the Impacts of Trauma


Tools to Manage Trauma Symptoms

Signs, Symptoms, What You Can Do About It-Vicarious Trauma

10 Tips for yoga teachers to help trauma survivors in class

5 Tips To Help Teachers Cope With Emotionally Dysregulated Students

Trauma Resources

365 Days of Copings! Coping skills you can use every day of the year

Feeling Low: Tools to Deal with Depression and Depression Like


The Overactive Mind: Tools to Manage Anxiety and Anxious Thoughts


Identity: Self-esteem and Self Empowerment Tools


Relationships: Tools to Improve the Quality of Your Relationships


General Parenting Tips: Tools to Help the Overwhelmed Parent(s)


Parenting The Sexual Abuse Survivor: Tips and Tricks to Help Your Child Heal


Don't Give Up: Crisis Support Resources