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Here to help you alleviate the stress of marketing your private practice, so you can focus on helping your clients!

marketing for busy therapistThere is so much information out there for how to grow your caseload. Sometimes this information can be incredibly overwhelming and also boring. Yet, you realize this is a must in today's world, especially if your choosing to have a cash only private practice. By working with me I will help you share your vision (connect your brand and nice) with the world and expand your reach so you can help more people.

Digital Marketing is using the internet to grow your business. This often includes social media such as facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, and yes even LinkedIn. These platforms are great ways to connect with others, potential clients as well as other professionals.

Another huge way to connect with potential clients, is through blogging. Blogging helps you get your voice out there so people feel like they know who you are before they even call to set up their first appointment. Although blogging is a great tool, it can be incredibly time consuming, so people avoid it. This is one of my favorite ways to help busy therapists connect.


Digital Marketing Breakdown

Social Media:

  1. Manage Facebook page by posting daily or weekly
    1. Answer comments on your page
    2. Posting your blogs (whether I write them or not) 
  2. Schedule Tweets: 3-5 tweets a day.
    1. Responding to others tweets
    2. Use relevant hashtags 
  3. Manage Instagram Page: post 1-2 times a day
    1. Creating content specifically for instagram, using inspiring words 
  4. Pinterest
    1. Create the picture graphic and post them
  5. Manage posts on LinkenIn

*It's advised to only pick 2-3 digital marketing mediums therefor I only manage:

+3 Social Media accounts or

+2 Social media accounts & your blog

**I cannot manage your facebook groups


  1. Weekly=$50
  2. Monthly=$175



  1. Interview you about the different topics and get your unique voice (30 minutes (individual calls)-1 hour (for packages)
  2. Answer specific questions that will make it easier for me write the blogs for you, having your voice
  3. Complete questionnaire about your topics of choice
  4. Writing blogs
    1. Finding the right pictures for blogs
    2. Adding the right keywords (SEO) and categorizing them 
  5. Scheduling your posts/posting directly on your website
    1. You also have the option to review and ask for changes before posting them

Blog packages

  1. Individual blogs=$140
  2. Package of 4 (1 a week)=$500


Email Newsletters/Marketing:

  1. Manage email list
  2. Send out newsletter, weekly or monthly
  3. Creating content
  4. Reviewing analytics

Email Newsletter packages

  1. Newsletter=$50/per newsletter
  2. 4 Newsletters at a time=$175

Video Editing:

  1. Edit youtube videos
  2. Edit videos for website

*adding graphics, subtitles, music, writing description with keywords, and creating good thumbnails


*usually takes about 2-3 hours depending on the length of video

Total cost for everything included:  $800

I know your busy and you know you need to do marketing to take your practice to the next level. So contact me at http://[email protected] or by phone at 415-496-6792 to set up your free 15 minute strategy session. We will use this time to figure out what you need and you'll find out how I will help you get what you need done!