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I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your story. I am incredibly passionate about helping people heal from those early childhood wounds. Whether it’s the trauma of abuse or neglect or the pain of a childhood feeling like you don't belong and your self esteem has taken a hit, I’m all about healing. 

If you want to stay connected with me there are many paths to do this. I’m on social media (Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube). I also facilitate a fb group, the Survivor’s Guide To Life, and it’s a place for other survivors to connect and support each other. So please hop on over there and be apart of the community. 

*Please note social media is not a substitute for therapy and neither is the facebook group. If your a current or past client of mine and you choose to join, I will never disclose our therapeutic relationship, that is your confidential and private information. *

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Healing is a process not a cure. It’s not like taking a pill and now your all better never to return. Healing is more complex and sophisticated. It’s the changing of your baseline of one filled with intense negative feelings and tightness in the body to being more open and positive about life’s experiences. When your active in the healing process your perspective on life changes. You no longer believe that bad things are always happening to you or that you are unworthy of nothing good, but rather you can separate yourself from the event and find ways to overcome your challenges/stresses with optimism. Healing creates a completely different experience and feeling about yourself, others, and the world.