Consulting Services, for Parents and Teachers

  • Do you have a child with odd or weird behaviors?
  • Are you working with a child who has frequent outbursts of anger?
  • You have a child with boundless amounts of energy that seems to be endless?
  • Do you have a child who seems to always crave and need attention and will display challenging and worrisome behaviors if your not paying attention to them?

Then you can benefit from having a child therapist observe, assess and evaluate this child. Whether your a concerned parent, teacher or guardian it can be hard to see a child having such a difficult time and not know how to help them. Often times, when we are bombarded with these behaviors day in and day out, we become overwhelmed as we have exhausted all of our tools and resources. Having a fresh set of eyes to come in and observe the child and provide feedback is often very helpful.

Children, especially at developmentally younger ages do not have the words to express what is happening for them but their behaviors are telling us everything. As a consultant I will come and observe the child in their natural environments (home and school), look at the behaviors they are exhibiting, and explore there triggers. Once those triggers have been identified I can provide you with suggested interventions to change those behaviors and improve the quality and daily functioning of the child.

Assessments are usually completed over the course of 30 days. Depending on the child’s needs and schedules that can be anywhere between 5-10 hours of total assessment time. During this period I would observe the child’s interactions at home, at school and anywhere else the child spends significant amount of time if necessary. I will gather information about the child’s history.

The assessment is used to screen for trauma (Complex/inter-generational trauma), developmental disabilities (such as Autism), and generally what the needs are for the child.

The outcome of the individual assessment will determine whether recommendation for further mental health services would be best or creating a strict behavior plan which you all could use on your own would be most appropriate. No matter what path you choose the goal is always to transition the child out of a therapeutic experience and into the capable hands of caregivers and teachers, by giving them the tools they need to help the child succeed.


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