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Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. Coaching does not dive deep into your traumatic past but focuses on the present and the future. We talk about what you want out of your life and create 1-3 goals related to this. We then discuss what is getting in your way and other things you have tried in the past.

Each week we dive deep into these goals and get you on the right path. I focus on helping you deconstruct your patterns that keep you stuck and the fears you have that keep you from acting on your goals. We then create a plan of action, which includes 1-3 steps for each goal, that you will do to achieve your goals. 

All coaching sessions are conducted online, so all you’ll need is a strong internet connection and private space and/or headphones. No matter where you are living you can access my coaching services. 

So act now and book your first session to get started!