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How To Help Your Child Or Teen Adjust Better To Their New Life With Less Worry: When Your Family Moves Away From Your Home Town

Moving to a new place, whether its a new city, new state or a new country can be tough. Anxiety runs high throughout the family as you prepare to say goodbye and adjust to your new life. For your child or teen moving can produce a lot of anxiety and worry as they begin to say goodbye to friends and a home they know for something they don’t…

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Parenting Manifesto

Be Attentive Take care of your needs Understand your needs Learn your triggers Pay attention to how your feeling Be consistent Show affection Model what you would like to see Don’t forget to praise Validate their feelings Punishments should not be a life sentence they should fit the transgression and be time limited don’t forget…

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Keeping Secrets: Child Sexual Abuse

  What is Child Sexual Abuse? Child sexual abuse encompasses more than what most people think. It goes beyond touching or penetration. In a nutshell Child sexual abuse is: the violation of a child’s physical space (both body and mind), their trust in adults and other people who are deemed “safe”,  and impacts on the…

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