Out of Network Benefits

Out of Network Benefits Form Jesica Lang, LMFT lic #87402 415-496-6792 Instructions: This is a worksheet to help you determine if your insurance will reimburse you for seeing a therapist who is out-of-network. 1) Check the back of your card and call your insurance company. Here are some questions you can ask your provider: A)…

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4 Tips for Healing From Your Anxious-Ambivalent Attachment So You Can Find Peace, Relief, and Joy in Your Relationships

Anxious-ambivalent attachment

Anxious-Ambivalent  Attachment Anxious-Ambivalent attachment is a common type of insecure attachment were the individuals natural drive for connection is fueled by anxiety and fear. They feel fear that the object of their attachment is going to abandon them, and this causes anxiety. Individuals with an anxious-ambivalent attachment style are constantly striving for the attention of…

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When Attachment Causes Trauma: How Attachment Works Part 1

Many people think of trauma as something big that has happened to a person. We often think of sexual abuse, physical abuse, rape, or war when we think about trauma. But the reality is that attachment disruptions or issues around attachment often causes trauma symptoms.  Attachment has been studied for decades and most people know…

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