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Parenting Tips

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Trauma and Your Teen

Trauma and Your Teen Daughter In this blog I’m going to focus on teens, primarily teen girls. For the purposes of this writing I will be talking about youth from the ages of 11-18, which covers genuinely middle schoolers and high schoolers. Another focus for this blog is that I want to talk about those…

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Setting Limits For Your Toddler is a Must

Brain Development: The first year of your child’s life they are growing rapidly. Brain development is rapid and the basics of your child’s central nervous system, which begins to develop in utero, is pretty much set by the time your child is 1 years old. The brainstem is the hallmark of the central nervous system…

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How Child Sexual Abuse impacts your Child’s Friendships

There are a host of behaviors that children who have experienced sexual abuse exhibit such as nightmares, anger outbursts and recent tantrums, being withdrawn, being spacey, etc that most people know about. But there are others that may be more subtle that, on face value, look no different then any other issues that children are…

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