Live Your Dream and Make Lasting Changes

make dreams a reality

The Curse of the Change We all know that making changes is very hard. We have a set routine or a way we like to do things, even when they are not necessarily good for us in the long run. Yet we do them all the same. Worse yet we recognize this pattern, decide we…

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Getting to Know Me

what therapy is all abut

I’m Jessica and I’m a passionate about helping people move through their defenses and make big changes in their lives. I am a licensed therapist who specializes in treating survivors of trauma and expats adjusting to their new homes. I have personal experience with trauma and as a fellow expat (I moved to Israel in…

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Moving Through Life with Hidden Fear

You’re a successful woman working 40+ hours a week in a job that you actually like. You have a handful of friends that you like to spend time with when you are not working. When your with your friends you laugh about life, helping them with their relationship difficulties, while struggling with your own love…

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Not Feeling like Yourself

You know that feeling when you first wake up and you think “ugggghhhhh”. You lay there in bed struggling to move, to begin your day. You may even decide to hit the snooze button, your really not ready to start the day. As you move through your morning routine your very slow, but not deliberate,…

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