The First 5 Years-Child Development

Wondering if your child is developing normally? Curious about your child’s behavior and wondering if it is normal? Did your child experience a trauma early in life and you want to know how to best support? Then you’ve come to the right place.  The information in this section is an educational resource on child (and generally human) development. Everything here is geared to help you, so that you can feel more confident in your parenting.

Multigenerational Trauma and Attachment: A type of Relational Trauma that is Often Passed Down Generation After Generation Unintentionally Part 1

attachment and multigenerational trauma

Multigenerational Trauma and Attachment:  A type of Relational Trauma that is Often Passed Down Generation After Generation, Unintentionally  Part 1 We all know that childhood trauma can have lasting impacts, especially if this trauma goes unresolved. The symptoms of PTSD and other chronic stressors take a toll on our physical, emotional, and cognitive selves. Traumas…

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When Attachment Causes Trauma and Three Tips To Helping You Heal Pt 2

Trauma is more than experiencing child abuse, war, rape, etc but can often include attachment wounds. Often when one thinks about insecure attachment or attachment wounds we often link this to issues with abandonment related to adoption, neglect, or again child abuse. The truth is that issues with attachment, which often relate to insecure attachment,…

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When Attachment Causes Trauma: How Attachment Works Part 1

Many people think of trauma as something big that has happened to a person. We often think of sexual abuse, physical abuse, rape, or war when we think about trauma. But the reality is that attachment disruptions or issues around attachment often causes trauma symptoms.  Attachment has been studied for decades and most people know…

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Setting Limits For Your Toddler is a Must

Brain Development: The first year of your child’s life they are growing rapidly. Brain development is rapid and the basics of your child’s central nervous system, which begins to develop in utero, is pretty much set by the time your child is 1 years old. The brainstem is the hallmark of the central nervous system…

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Is My Two Year Old Normal?

It’s hard not to compare your 2 year old to other 2 year olds. Whether your toddler is not talking as clearly as others her age or not yet potty trained, the pressure a parent feels to have a child be like others is immense. A lot of mothers experience some anxiety and shame around…

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