Sexual Abuse

The Sexualization Of Children and How This Can Impact Your Child Sexual Abuse Survivor: 4 Tips To Help Them Stop Blaming Themselves For The Sexual Abuse They Endured

The sexualization of children is not the same as child sexual abuse and yet the lasting impacts can be just as pervasive. When we sexualize children we place them in adult roles, as opposed to seeing them as children. The sexualization of children refers to placing adult attributes on a child’s body and then assigning…

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Grooming Behaviors That Online Predators Use and 3 Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Child or Teen

Predators use manipulation in order to gain the trust of their targets. These manipulation tactics are globally known as grooming behaviors. Grooming behaviors are designed to make the target of the abuse feel “special”, build trust, and have access to the target fairly easily. Most people who sexually abuse children, use children that they know…

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