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Child Abuse

Child abuse is ridiculously prevalent across the world and it needs to stop. Not only because you’re harming vulnerable, innocent, and trusting young people who rely on us adults for everything but your affecting future generations-the child survivors who grow up. Grow up and continue to struggle with their own mental health, relationships, and repeating the cycle of abuse because they don’t know any other way. It’s time to stop child sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse, incest, domestic violence, community violence, and other traumas that cause fear in children. This space is dedicated to helping survivors of child abuse heal and recover, and for those who love and support them.

Healing & Recovery: How to Make Your Past Stop Haunting You

Is healing even possible? For so long you have carried this huge secret. You feel like there is a heavy weight on your shoulders. A Shadow that surrounds you. You’ve never told anyone or maybe your family knows but you were told not to tell anyone outside of your immediate family. Being touched makes you…

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What Is Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse & 3 Tips to Cope With It

Trigger warning: This article contains very sensitive topics discussing sexual abuse. Please read at your own discretion. I have been working with trauma survivors in various capacities for over a decade but only recently have I been encountering more and more survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse. Also known as MDSA, mother daughter sexual abuse is…

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