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Not Feeling like Yourself

You know that feeling when you first wake up and you think “ugggghhhhh”. You lay there in bed struggling to move, to begin your day. You may even decide to hit the snooze button, your really not ready to start the day. As you move through your morning routine your very slow, but not deliberate,…

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Spanking Hurts

This blog post will be controversial and that’s ok…Sometimes for the power of healing, one needs to take a controversial stand. It may also be triggering, especially if you experienced any form of corporal punishment as a form of discipline while growing up. So here is the controversial statement: Spanking is just wrong. Spanking doesn’t…

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Sexual Abuse in the African-American Community Pt. II

In part 1  sexual abuse, myths and long term effects. Part 2 will talk about the healing process and what that means for you. At the core of sexual abuse is the loss of trust-trust in your fellow human, trust in your caregivers who were suppose to protect you, trust in yourself and trust in…

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