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15 Benefits of Online Therapy & Why You’ll Like It

15 Benefits of Online Therapy

  1. You don’t have to sit in traffic to go to your appointment
  2. There’s more flexibility with scheduling
  3. You can be in the comfort of your home15 Benefits to online therapy
  4. For those living in smaller communities no one will see you “entering the therapist office” so effectively you have more privacy
  5. If your home bound for any reason (recently had a baby, maybe you had surgery, a chronic/debilitating illness, etc) you can still have access to a counselor who can help you
  6. Have small children? Therapy online during their nap time makes therapy more accessible for you
  7. No searching for parking
  8. Public Transportation issues will not impact your ability to attend sessions
  9. Being in the comfort and safety of your own home allows you to feel more safe in opening up and talking about there intimate details of your life
  10. You can go on vacation and not miss therapy if you don’t want too
  11. Want to study abroad and continue with your therapist? Online therapy works for this as well
  12. You can move within your state and not have to change therapists
  13. Bad weather won’t slow you down
  14. Travel a lot for business-don’t cancel your therapy appointment just reschedule so you can meet online
  15. Finding a therapist who you connect with relationally and culturally is important but the distance is too far to meet in person-meet online instead
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Jessica Lang

Jessica Lang

Jessica grew up and lived in the bay area until December 2015 when she made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel. Jessica made aliyah with her 8 year old maltipoo Autumn and she currently lives in Tel Aviv. Jessica has combined her two loves, helping others as therapist and living abroad. In her spare time Jessica enjoys spending time with friends and family, making new friends, playing board games, travelling and attempting to be a polyglot (currently learning Hebrew, French and Chinese).

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  1. Dalila on October 5, 2017 at 6:48 am

    Great post. This kind of therapy needs more awareness.

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