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Therapy For Adult Women Survivors Online or In-Office

Your walking through life with hidden scars. The wounds you received as a child from adults who called you names, hit you, and sexualized you. They claimed they loved you, and at times they showed you love, but the next instance they were hurting you. How confusing for a child to try to make sense of this. As an adult you continue to struggle. You can't sustain romantic relationships. Your friendships are meaningless. While going through life you feel like your on the verge of "losing it" emotionally, feeling a rage just below the surface. Your exhausted and lonely.

Complex trauma aka developmental trauma is trauma that occurred before puberty. Complex trauma has its roots in attachment related issues, where parents were either physically or emotionally unavailable. There may be overt physical and/or sexual abuse that occurred or abandonment by one (or both of your parents) during those crucial first five years of life. The clients who come to my office, are tough and resilient, like you. You are successful in your career and you may even be in a serious relationship. Yet you feel alone and unsupported. You vacillate between feeling nothing or feeling intensely, lashing out when provoked. Other times you feel nothing at all, ever, moving through life as if you are a pre-programmed robot, just going through the motions. Career success does not fulfill you. Your relationship does not fulfill you. You feel alone and disconnected.
The troubling thing is that you don't know why you feel this way. You have tried self help books searching for the meaning of life and maybe you've tried therapy in the past, yet you do not feel better. When you try to talk with friends about this, it often makes you feel more alone and crazy, as your friends don't seem to understand the pain that you are going through. In the end you don't look to them (or your partner) for support, preferring to do it all alone. After all that's what helped you cope with the ups and downs of your childhood. But in truth you are tired of doing it alone, and being alone.
So just maybe there is a link between your childhood that is affecting you now that needs to be addressed. You never really believed in blaming your parents but your starting to realize there is a link between the highs and lows of your childhood which make coping as an adult more challenging than you would like. So your ready to get to the root of it all and work with a therapist.
As your therapist I want you to know that you, the individual, your story drives the treatment. I use my knowledge and skills to collaborate with you on a course of treatment that focuses on your goals, not my own goals. I will help guide you. I will honor what you bring and what you want to do. The growth and healing happens in the context of our collaborative therapeutic relationship.
No matter where the journey takes us, I will be there with you. Through the highs and lows, with patience, nurturance, and no judgement. I focus on the goals you've set and everything leads back to achieving those goals. Therapy is not forever but rather to give you the tools you need to sustain the changes you desire


How To Take The Next Step

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