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Meet Jessica


Hello, I'm Jessica

and I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from California. I lived my whole life in California, with big dreams to travel around the world and to become a therapist. With my  adventurous spirit and a passion for helping others who have experienced abuse during their childhood, I decided to combine my two loves.  I packed my bags and moved to Israel in 2016, expanding my practice across borders.

Since the age of 11, I knew I wanted to be a therapist. I was inspired  by the teens and adults who called the radio show Loveline,  seeking help with the pain in their lives. Their pain all seemed to stem from tough, chaotic childhoods, where no one was around to protect, nurture and love them unconditionally. Their stories struck something in me. I had found my calling, helping people recover from their early attachment and trauma wounds.

On my journey to becoming a therapist I attended San Francisco State University where I received my BA in Psychology and then Chapman University in Orange, California where I received a masters degree in Psychology.  During these years I worked in various residential treatment facilities with children as young as 5 to adolescents as old as 18, with serious mental health issues that separated them from their biological families and out of traditional foster homes. Although these youth had intense behaviors, at their core they needed love and nurturance, which is very hard to receive when your in a facility. Lack of trust and safety were always present for them, just like the individuals I listened to who called Loveline back when I was a child.

I completed graduate school in 2011, and returned to the bay area where I spent three years honing my skills as a trauma therapist, working at a non-profit serving foster children, recently reunited families, and parents. Many of the parents I worked with had similar stories as their children. Histories of abuse, chaos, and trauma which left them feeling vulnerable to making mistakes which left their own children unprotected. As we worked together they were able to make the connections, to heal from their own traumas, and to become the types of parents they desired. This was the goal they set for themselves and they achieved it.

After becoming licensed in 2015, I decided to follow my heart and make Aliyah (immigrate) to Israel. I knew I could continue healing others in California with online therapy while also healing Americans who also made aliyah to Israel, who were finding the stress of the move to trigger old trauma wounds.  In December 2016 I made the move to Israel, achieving my goals of creating a life filled with meaning and no regrets.
You too can set goals for yourself,  find fulfillment, peace, and happiness while creating the life you deserve and desire. 


  • Trauma Healing, PTSD & Emotional Regulation
  • Anxiety, Fear Management, & Reduction
  • Parenting Support
  • Attachment/Positive Relational Interactions
  • Defiance & Rule Breaking Reduction/Elimination
  • Multicultural & Multi Identity Affirming



  • San Francisco State University, BA Psychology 2008
  • Chapman University, MA Psychology 2011