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Therapy for Adult Women Child Sexual Abuse  Survivors

You're feeling lost in life, moving through life like your stuck in quicksand. Emotionally your all over the place, one moment secretly crying yourself to sleep, then the next moment your feeling nothing at all. You've had a tough childhood, experiencing abandonment from your mother, feeling like your not good enough or that you don't matter. As a child you experienced sexual abuse that you've never shared with anyone, and you see your relationships with romantic partners suffering. Growing up you witnessed your parents physically hurting each other and you. These experiences have made you tough. They have taught you to only rely on yourself, not trusting that anyone can help you.

But you are hurting inside, and you have no one you can turn to for help. You've tried to take action on your own but nothing has stuck, your still in the same place-at the starting line-lost. You're fed up with feeling this way. Now you're ready to achieve your goals,  to feel happy, alive, and connected.

Together you and I will use your story to create the life you want and deserve. I will help you become unstuck and move forward, uncovering your hidden strengths and power. No matter where the journey takes us, I focus on the goals you've set and everything leads back to achieving those goals. Therapy is not forever but rather to give you the tools you need to sustain the changes you desire.

I am going to help you get off the endless merry-go-round, where you are feeling stuck and lonely. You and I will work together as a team to create lasting and meaningful change. The changes you want to make include: experiencing happiness, fulfillment, and self love. 

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Therapy for Children & Pre-teens Survivors

Your daughter is in pain. You can see it in her eyes even if she hasn't expressed it in words or she tells you "I'm ok. Everything is fine". She's had a tough childhood, experiencing bullying and isolation from peers.  Prior to joining your family, she experienced physical abuse and neglect, and she's emotionally (and behaviorally) all over the place. When you look into her eyes you see the fear and lack of trust. You've tried to help her, giving her love and attention but you realize maybe she needs something extra-healing through understanding and connecting her past experiences.

Your daughter has been sexually abused by a man you love and trusted. Now your furious,  guilt ridden, embarrassed, and you feel violated. Your daughter has similar feelings, including being confused and overwhelmed. She's stopped talking to you. Your daughter may be wetting herself during the day and even at night. She's often in a daze, moves painfully slow at times, and your noticing that her grades and peer relationships are suffering.

You know your daughter is in pain and you just want her to be happy and to heal. Seeking the help from a skilled and gentle therapist puts you one step closer to helping your daughter heal. I am here to help your daughter learn to express herself and stop the behaviors that are affecting her relationship with you and others.

I will help your daughter heal by working with her to add new tools to cope, find the language to express herself, thereby helping you and your daughter reconnect and have a joyous relationship again. 

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Hello, I'm Jessica Lang, a therapist.

I help women like yourself who've experienced sexual abuse during childhood find connection, stop living a double life, discover your true identity, and reclaim your body.

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