Therapy online designed for you (or your child) that focuses on helping you heal from child sexual abuse and other complex traumas.

It’s hard to love yourself and to love your life when you are consumed with feeling lonely, broken, and afraid. You feel like you are sitting on the outside looking in, as people all around you seem happy and whole, while you feel sad and fractured. You’re a fighter, someone who has survived child sexual abuse and other traumas, and found success in life. Yet deep inside you are filled with fear and anxiety, and you’re not sure why you feel this way or how to stop it. You want to understand why you keep doing the same things over and over again, despite your strong desire to stop repeating them. Whether thats the harsh thoughts that make you feel desperately jealous or clingy in your relationships or feeling lonely and disconnected from others, you are looking for ways to live a happier and more balanced life. To feel like your past traumas no longer control or haunt you. 

(As a parent you probably have this fear, that your child will not have a happy life because of their sexual abuse experience, so you are reaching out for help. Scroll down to learn more or click here)

You’re worried about your child who has experienced sexual abuse. You have read the statistics and research about what happens to adult survivors who didn’t get the help they needed early on, so you want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your child. As of now you notice that your child might be acting a little differently than before. Maybe she is more clingy to you or having nightmares. Your child might have some new fear that he didn’t have before or maybe he is having more tantrums, more easily upset. Perhaps you have tried to talk to your child and be that support person for her but she gets really upset and pushes you away or shuts down. You just want to help and make your child feel better. Therapy is definitely something that can help you both, because when it comes to helping your child heal, she or he will need your love and support most of all. 

If you want to learn more about how therapy with me and your child will work click here

The 5 Ways Sexual Abuse During Childhood Is Impacting Your Life Now, That You Never Considered Before:

  1. Feeling worthless, like you can never do anything right or that bad things are always happening to you, no matter how hard you try to avoid them/change your life
  2. Feeling like others take advantage of your kindness so your always wondering who you can and cannot trust
  3. Feeling worried all the time about everything.
  4. Feeling the need to talk about your past abuse to anyone who will listen
  5. Having a difficult time making and keeping friends or romantic relationships

...And Therapy Can Help You Overcome These Challenges By:

  1. Helping you to discover the patterns that keep you stuck in life and creating a plan that will help you replace the bad patterns with ones that work better
  2. Helping you get reconnected to your body so you can then learn trust your gut so that your better able to pick up on character traits that don't match yours
  3. Examining the way your worry is holding you back and providing you with the  tools to work through your anxiety
  4. Helping you develop appropriate boundaries, so you can feel more empowered and in control over your impulses and emotions
  5. Teaching you how to love and accept who you are so that you feel more confident and happy. This skill will help you choose quality relationships

The internet is one amazing invention and one of the greatest things it can do is help us connect. Whether you’re a parent whose child experienced child sexual abuse or you are an adult survivor who is living the expat life (I’ve done it spending 3 years in Israel), it can be hard to find a therapist who fits your needs. Even when you do it might be hard to fit seeing them when you must travel to their office or when you don’t live in the same country. This is one of the reasons why I love being able to provide online therapy to anyone who resides in California or who lives abroad. 

If you are interested in learning more about online therapy with me click here or if you are ready to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation you can do so by going here. 

I will help you...

  • Process the pain of child sexual abuse and other traumas
  • Support and guide you on your path to healing and recovery
  • Learn to Love yourself and have better quality relationships with others
  • and your child reconnect as part of your child's journey to healing
  • Feel like a better parent and give you tools help your child
  • Have a happier, more fulfilling life

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