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Therapy for Sexual Abuse Survivors

The ghost that still haunts you. He lingers in your dreams at night. You feel their presence in times of intimacy. She sneaks up behind you during the day preventing you from recognizing whether this is the past or present. As a child you felt that what was happening was wrong but you didn’t know why. You felt confused by the words, by the touching, and then there was the pain. Growing up you were "daddy’s special girl", when he wasn’t hurting you, he was fun and playful.

You didn't realize as a child that you were being sexually abused by someone you loved and trusted. As an adult you get swept up by these memories, whether it’s nightmares that wake you in a terror at night, or the flashback that happens when you're intimate. You want to take control of your life. Feeling love and connection not fear and isolation, is what you want. Your trust issues are preventing you from being vulnerable and fully sharing yourself with others-after all you're sure that others can see through your mask. Success has not been enough to make these feelings of shame, guilt, and disgust go away. In fact you’re working harder daily to hide this from the world, wearing the mask of strong, intelligent, and independent. In truth you cannot hide any more and suffer in pain. It's time to take action. You can heal from these wounds from your childhood.

I can help you end the shame spiral and silence the inner critic which keeps you stuck on the merry go round. I will help you get the skills you need to fulfill your dreams.

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Therapy for Children & Pre-teens Survivors

Your child is in pain. You can see it in her eyes even if she hasn't expressed it in words or she tells you "I'm ok. Everything is fine". Discovering that your child has been sexually abused by someone you love and trusted, is crushing. Now your furious, guilt ridden, embarrassed, and you feel violated. Your child has similar feelings, including being confused and overwhelmed. He's stopped talking to you. She may be wetting herself during the day and even at night. Your child is often in a daze, moving painfully slow at times, and your noticing that her grades and peer relationships are suffering.

You know your child is in pain and you just want them to be happy and to heal. Seeking the help from a skilled and gentle therapist puts you one step closer to helping your child heal. Your child doesn't have to stay silent any more. He has the freedom to express his thoughts and feelings in a safe, non judgmental space. She will feel empowered to make choices and to learn how to express herself effectively.

I will help your child heal by working with them to add better ways to cope when they are stressed. Part of the healing process will be helping you and your child reconnect and have a joyous relationship again. 

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I will help you...

  • Learn to Love yourself
  • Improve your relationship
  • Feel like a better parent and give you tools help your child
  • Improve your relationships with family and/or friends

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